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An individual or a family that lives through a missing person experience quickly realizes that it is one of the most excruciating, fearful, and traumatic events and person or family can go through. Thankfully, the missing person experience for a family is an occurrence that most will never be faced with but for those families who do undergo this type of event it is indescribable.


Fortunately on some occasions, the missing individual returns home or makes contact within a few days.  Regrettably we have too many cases of missing persons where the outcome or the police investigation is not so positive.


At Martin & Associates we have many years of experience in both the police domain and the private sector conducting missing person investigations. Families can retain our services at anytime, we don’t interfere in the police investigation; we actually enhance the investigative effort and share any information with police authorities.  We have fewer restrictions imposed on us than the police regarding time spent on a case, and our only commitment is to the family.


Martin & Associates utilizes an Intel Section with strong working relationships with international agencies that can assist us in locating missing persons. Our network is also enriched with an experienced and trained investigation team and Forensic Psychologists, all of whom work very closely with our clients and families.


Having first hand experience of going through a missing person experience grants Martin & Associates a unique approach when understanding families concerns and fears. We recognize how important it is to work closely with families and friends to find loved ones and help them come home.

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