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Mike Lovell

Mike is a technologist and computer consultant based in Halifax. Since completing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Memorial University, he has held many professional roles.

He has worked with both local and international technology firms in a wide range of projects. Mike has helped design computer workstations used on oil rig platforms. He has also built low-cost desktop virtualization systems for public access. Mike recently worked with a local group to convert a large decommissioned military bunker (known as a "Defenbunker") into a datacenter. Outside of these specialized projects, Mike has been a system administrator and support specialist for large-scale Windows and Linux enterprise server deployments.

Mike is passionate about new technologies and using them to solve everyday problems. He prides himself in his ability to explain complicated technology ideas in ways that anyone can understand. His current projects include designing home automation systems for low-cost shipping container housing and designing specialized devices for businesses using mobile operating system technologies. Mike is excited to apply his many accumulated talents in security, data recovery, and computer and cell phone forensics work with Martin & Associates Investigations.



Mike Lovell
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