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Investigation Services

One of Martin & Associates’ strongest attributes is the quality of our investigative services. What sets us apart from other providers in the private sector is the level of experience and the broad range of skills our Investigators bring to the table.

Martin & Associates Senior Investigators have served their careers in senior police investigation positions in all manner of criminal investigations and in the fields of financial audits, psychiatric sciences, forensic pathology, forensic scene analysis, statements, and surveillance. Equally important is that our Investigators also have many years of experience in civil law, family law investigations, computer and cell phone analysis, and lawyer assists.

At Martin & Associates we realize that not all investigation requests are large in scale or complex in nature. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your investigation request, our goal is to provide you with an experience-based investigative service – a quality product that is addressed in a professional manner that is both timely and affordable.

All Investigators at Martin & Associates Investigations Inc. are licensed investigators with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice and the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety.

"In my role as a senior manager with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, I have known and worked with Tom Martin since 2003.

Tom brings a wealth of investigative experience and training to every case he is involved in and has a passion for investigative work and solving complex cases that is exceptional.

Tom also displays great compassion for the victims of crime and those close to them."

Alphonse MacNeil
Assistant Commissioner (Rtd)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Types of Investigations

Unsolved Historic Homicides
Criminal Investigation
Child Safety and Well Being
Corporate Crime
Computer Crime
Death Investigation
Person Locate
Missing Person
Surveillance (Overt & covert)
Statements (Witness, Victim, Sworn KGB)
Statement Analysis
Insurance Fraud
Criminal Records Checks
Psychiatric Review
Civil Investigation
Computer Forensics
Cell Phone Forensics
Criminal Case Review (Lawyer Assist)