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Intelligence Services

As a result of the many collective years of field experience of our investigators and the many contacts Martin & Associates has made, we have available to us a vast network of suppliers, contacts, and services that we can call upon to provide our clients with many answers that are not easily accessible to the average individual.

All of the information gathered through our intelligence team is collected in a manner that is 100% ethical and by means that are completely legal.

Some of the services offered through our intelligence team include banking information, person searches, reverse email searches, phone information, criminal records searches by province, as well as the USA and several countries overseas, land registration, corporate registration, public filing and bankruptcy records.

Martin & Associates does exercise due diligence when it comes to inquiries regarding Intelligence Services, especially when it deals with locating individuals.

Please call or contact us for further information on the services our intelligence team is able to provide.


Intelligence Services

Banking Information
Person Searches
Reverse Email Searches
Phone Information
Land Registration
Corporate Registration
Public Filing
Bankruptcy Records

Criminal Records Searches:

  • Provincial
  • National
  • International