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Conducted when the manner of death is ambiguous or questionable.

As a result of our experience and skill sets as they pertain to death investigations, Martin & Associates has been utilized by clients across North America to conduct death investigations into the passing of their loved ones.  We are also called upon to review cases where the manner of death is in dispute.

When retained by a client to determine the manner of death, Martin & Associates has the ability and qualifications to conduct an Equivocal Death Analysis.  This analysis is conducted in cases where the circumstances of the death can be interpreted in more than one way.

In the vast majority of deaths, the reason why the individual died is very clear and well documented, however, there are cases where the cause of death is very clear, but the manner of death is uncertain, questionable, or equivocal.   A death is usually classified as undetermined or equivocal when there is no clear set of associated circumstances tat allows for the manner of death to be determined or identified.

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Our approach to an Equivocal Death Analysis is from a multidisciplinary perspective rather than relying on the expertise of one individual.  These analyses require a trained and experienced Investigator, a Medical Examiner, and a Mental Health Professional(s).

The Equivocal Death Analysis process reviews a wide variety of information with a focus on four pertinent areas;

  1.   The state of mind of the deceased

  2.   The method or means of death 

  3.   The scene

  4.   The forensic science and medical evidence

Please contact us for any further explanation or discussion to determine
if an Equivocal Death Analysis would be of assistance to you in your search for answers.

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