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Martin & Associates is Atlantic Canada’s most experienced and qualified personal protection team in the private sector.  Our personal protection specialists develop and implement strategies to protect; 





and persons at risk,


utilizing experience from their work on teams that have included

the Canadian Prime Minister,

the President of the United States,

and the British Royal Family.

Our personal protection team is lead by retired instructors and members from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Armed Forces, and British Armed Forces with extensive experience in personal protection, executive protection, and close protection. These specialists have carefully selected and trained our personal protection teams. Depending on the wishes of our clients, our team can provide overt or completely covert protection services.

Our primary focus is on the person(s) in our care; to ensure that they are safe, feel safe, and have freedom of movement. We believe that education, training, and planning, all delivered in a professional manner with discretion and experience, are the keys to providing our clients with peace of mind.

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