Martin & Associates Investigations is a Nova Scotia based Private Investigation and Security Consultant Agency.


Our Team of Investigators and Consultants has over 200 years experience in policing and investigation in the professions of Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Pathology, Computer Sciences, Police Investigations, Corporate Crime, Family Law and Civil Matters.


The foundation of Martin & Associates Investigations is a core group of professionals that are Court Qualified Experts in the fields of Forensic Pathology, Hospital Care, Psychiatric Assessments and Crime Scene Analysis. This core group is complemented by the remainder of our team of experienced, trained and Licensed Investigators. All of which makes Martin & Associates Investigations the most experienced and most qualified Private Investigation Agency in Atlantic Canada.


Regardless of the complexity or the simplicity of the investigation, the goal of Martin & Associates Investigations is to provide an experienced based investigative service to our clients - a quality product, addressed in a professional manner that is both timely and affordable.


Some of the Services we offer include;


  • Missing Persons
  • Surveillance
  • Polygraph Services
  • Statements & Statement Analysis
  • Criminal and Civil Case Reviews
  • Death Investigations
  • Corporate Crime
  • Computer & Cell Phone Forensics
  • Criminal/Civil/Family Law Investigations
  • Medical Care
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Fraud
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction